What’s your opinion of Sony Tablet S

Announced at IFA in Berlin last September with the Tablet P (two screens), the first tablet of Sony surprised everyone with a bold design. But it really differs from the competition?

The Tablet S is positioned in the premium model with a model Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + 3G. Found within an Nvidia Tegra processor 2, the same team that most tablets HoneyComb, 1 GB of memory (RAM), from 16 to 32 GB of onboard memory and an SD slot. Everything is animated by an LCD screen of 9.4 "1280 x 800 pixels. Find in the front and a VGA front camera on the back of a 5-megapixel lens, no flash. Across the shelf, there the bare minimum.

Design and ergonomics

The first thing you notice about this tablet is definitely its design. Bent-shaped magazine, the Tablet S impresses in the right direction or not. In all cases, this form gives an advantage of the device, when placed on a table is very easy to use, without having to run to the screen, unlike other tablets. Note that the S Tablet is significantly lighter, the iPad 2, this is probably due to the materials of games. Its center of gravity was deported to reinforce the impression of lightness.

Finished side, Sony has done a good job, everything is very well put together, nothing creaks under your fingers. The material used for the rear part of the tablet adheres well and prevents fingerprints. About Fingerprints, the screen accumulates them quickly. However, and it is very difficult to clean, even using a suitable fabric.

The volume buttons and pins are in the lead tablet, very useful when used in the landscape. This provision becomes much less noticeable when you use it in portrait mode, too bad. Also note that the upper right of the spine, LED notification light is sufficient, a good point. Note that the speakers are not well placed, will tend to close with your fingers along the platform (landscape).

An elegant interface, custom applications

Sony has made some changes in the honeycomb interface, while retaining the aesthetic identity of the operating system. Thus, a new application launcher, and backgrounds of specific applications "house" part.

Applications installed by Sony are very well developed and integrated into the system, including a visual standpoint. We find a solution to manage Twitter and Facebook, an electronic book reader, a new watch, a universal remote control (Infrared), etc..

The interface is very sensitive, you can forget the latency of small animations or transfer of certain pills, such as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 for example. Sony shows that honeycomb fluently, and this is reassuring.

It is surprising that even on Android Market, applications have been developed only for the shelf S, the idea is just the brand or developers follow.

Internet browsing, multimedia

And "the other tablets Android browser, the honeycomb core. The pages open quickly, and scrolling is smooth. And since we're on Android, we also have the flash works very well on set, no signs of slowing noted. You can open up to 16 cards in your browser, a figure that looks pretty good.

Too bad there is always redirected to the pages provided for mobile (small screen, etc.) on websites that offer this option.

Google offers the same services on a. Smartphone, such as card applications, the mainland or the music player, you can link your Google account to use its music library stored in the cloud

Sony offers its users not to set their store shelves to buy content online with unlimited music and Movies Unlimited. Unfortunately, even with the latest update, both stores are not available.

The universal remote is very useful and provided only with Sony products. We tested and validated on a Toshiba television.

The tablet-Technology uses DLNA to share content directly on a wireless computer. Well, even if the protocol is not widespread and that the comptatibilité with the formats of the tablet should be further examined, only the. Mp4 is handled natively. But as usual on Android, this shortcoming is evaded by the market, with the MX Free video player for example.

Playstation certification

Sony has equipped its shelves certification PlayStation as Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. In addition to games on Android Market, you can enjoy a few games released on PS1 there are now over 10 years. After turning on the tablet, we see between applications and Pinball Heroes Medievil. But it is impossible to provide more for now ...

The upper end 90 of the console buttons are emulated and disposed on the touch screen. To be honest, the gameplay is really average, it is very difficult to access all the buttons easily. The games are too pixelated, in the meantime, we hope the nostalgic side, because it hurts more than anything else in the eye ...

Part PlayStation is a slight disappointment, which is a shame because the Japanese would really add value to their products, will probably welcome the competition. Fortunately, the market is there, and the area Tegra, wonder why the council did not turn around without problems.

Taking pictures and videos

The device has a 5-megapixel sensor with autofocus, which solve the problems because it is the purpose of the device. The pictures come out in 2292 x 1944 pixels, and as a tablet rather satisfactory, these devices are not known for the quality of their photos. On the video side, the board shoots in 720p HD, and everything is fairly smooth, although the sharpness is reviewed. One would expect 1080p.

A shelf that stands well

It must be said, the shelves of the market is rather monotonous. The specifications are usually very close (Tegra 2, 1 GB RAM, etc ...) and Sony has understood.

The Tablet S is really different from his peers and not just because of its bold design and excellent ergonomics. Types of services are available with the tablet, a "slightly more effective than others. 'Retro' The games are really lost and that's unfortunate, but it was enough to save the giant market, especially as the good performances of the device allow us to play any game

We notice a good performance by Sony, is on the board or physics, the brand has really seen how to use her as comfortable as possible.

Finally, Sony has released a very good tablet, which is clearly distinct from others, but not safe enough to crush the competition becoming stiffer.

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