Emerson Network Power provides recommendations for hybrid power

Important new technologies and the increasing demands of industry require increased use of Warrenville, Illinois, USA, February 29, 2012 - Today, more than one percent of global energy consumption due to delay in telecommunications networks and the expansion of network access and penetration Mobile Broadband from sustained demand. Telecommunications providers worldwide are looking for more efficient technologies for the operation of their networks. Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR), a global leader in reducing the high reliability and efficient operation and duration of operation of communication networks has therefore published information and recommendations for the evaluation , selection and operation of hybrid intelligent energy solutions at the sites of Dell Inspiron E1405 Battery cell exposure.

Options range from improving the precision design and sizing of hybrid systems for the intelligent use of hybrid technologies, hybrid vehicles use energy-efficient and to facilitate the provision of network providers.

"The hybrid market is growing rapidly and it is all over the world in different ways. Suppliers may be, are able to adjust their mix of capital costs and operating and technical skills of the different markets," says Wake Norris, director of product management and systems solutions for Emerson Network Power Energy. "Be the next generation of hybrid technology solutions provider for intelligent more transparency and control in their networks and their total cost would reach. There are also pre-tested solutions that achieve without the high investment costs measurable results. "

In this context and based on published two decades of experience in the construction and operation of hybrid energy solutions for its customers today at Emerson Network Power, a few basic considerations and recommendations for vendors who are useful on the use of hybrid technologies, or hybrid, existing infrastructure:

Active and intelligent hybrid: hybrid Dell Inspiron 1720 Battery power supplies are often purchased as a hardware maintenance or a static general security agreement. This solution makes sense, so that the immediate initial investment low. For suppliers, but want their long-term average, keeping overall costs and maximize profitability in mind, allowing hybrid intelligent solutions, active management with other economies. Innovative analysis and remote management capabilities to contribute to measurable improvements in the areas of load distribution, environmental protection and performance. Intelligent solutions such as opening mail alert when a defective battery cell threatens a whole row or a dirty panel can reduce the damage output of the entire field. In addition, to create the cooling load or to adapt to change temperature changing conditions, the maintenance plan to reduce generator mode or a report that the deterioration of fuel quality. The use of active management company, savings, mainly thanks to companies that provide the expertise for the design and configuration to meet these infrastructure technologies, in most situations, more investment : less consumption, less maintenance and a lifetime longer overall survival equipment.

Generator: Generators as part of a dynamic energy solutions hybrids are the most cost-effective, when properly sized and operated for the purpose of operating costs of the agency's objectives intelligently. Of course, you can enable or disable the current schedule a generator - but to do so it is maintenance intervals and optimum battery life and maximum efficiency, or to check the position of the sun? Generating optimal hybrid solution addresses these and other energy-empty and site-specific factors and influences on the generator of the chosen size, profile generator, the fuel source, security measures, etc. And thanks to active management of an intelligent and terms of weight, cost, optimize maintenance cycles for the generator and energy efficiency - can-hybrid based on the Website for any changes in the situation.

Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 Batteries: Batteries for hybrid solutions are an essential part of effective cost control. In the case of the selection and operation of batteries, the most common - mistake - and expensive for the operator. Choose to follow the correct battery (eg, type and chemical principle) must be clear and cost-oriented goals rather than being the current trend. The batteries will also benefit more than any other component of an active load management, which has a positive effect on the lives of service, cost and availability of the website.

Power: Hybrid solutions are in areas where the network is unreliable or of poor quality removed. Since it is essential to use the most appropriate technologies to protect the active elements of the site. The isolation and voltage regulation are effective and inexpensive. In addition, a little more sophisticated technologies, such as phase selection, filtering, mixing energy sources and other methods to make the benefits of the power system without simultaneously exposed to its dangers. Intelligent hybrid systems using active management in such cases, especially when used to shorten the generators and to ensure the best conditions, to charge the batteries. This feature can also reduce operating costs and the life of the investment.

Dell XPS M1730 Battery Solar: Solar energy is increasingly used worldwide as an energy source for cell sites. Efficient and effective utilization of solar energy begins with the knowledge of the solar intensity and seasonal variations, with the respective sites must be designed. Solar energy as an energy source with low power density requires a relatively large space and creative use. In addition, the safety and should be considered. Theft and misaligned panels and to avoid the performance degradation due to dirt. Regular maintenance is necessary, but an intelligent hybrid system with active management, ensuring that maintenance personnel can leave when cleaning or repair is necessary.

Wind: Wind is best to use when a number of turbines to provide enough power and is connected to a reliable electricity supply. When the electric company can economically manage the wind and weather are set and maintained by the local distribution. With the use of cell sites, the operation and the local acceptance must be ensured without supervision under all conditions, inevitable and windless days, must also be considered. To use  independent network of web sites for each Dell Inspiron 1545 Battery cell, wind quite difficult to dominant energy source - both in terms of cost and energy efficiency. However, it can be used very successfully in some places.

Fuel cells: Fuel cells are the environmental point of view, an excellent option, and there were already several technologies successfully installed. For the effective use of cell sites in question, the starting time - there is always a need for a battery - the fuel supply. Until these two problems are not resolved to the satisfaction of this technology is the best places to travel, where stricter emissions regulations.

"Every site is different and requires definitive solutions and innovative approaches," said Norris. "With proper research and planning can be for the two options hybrids inner cities found and in remote locations, allowing telecom providers offset their capital and operating costs overall optimum. And with active management hybrid intelligent systems, the suppliers to ensure that you have installed not only the best solution, but to decrease at a faster development of its network operating costs. "

For more information, please refer to the White Paper from Emerson Network Power, which can be downloaded here: Deploying Hybrid Energy: What we should consider alternative sources of energy of activation on the cell site. Additional product information can be found and telecommunications solutions for Emerson Network Power, visit www.EmersonNetworkPower.eu / Energy Systems.

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