Start with a 3D notebook market?

When the handset is compatible with PC SONY VGP-BPL9 manufacturers to develop 3D products, analysts moderately enthusiastic. These gadgets are mostly with the players (players) is important to prevent the spread of material limitations tartalominoseg 3D and had high prices. (The basis of the above information tererzekeltetes cikkünkbol 3D.)

In recent months, the best known manufacturers of 3D notebooks are used and provide coverage for their sizes widescreen laptop 15.6 to 17.3 inches. Asus, Lenovo and Toshiba,  toshiba satellite a100, 3D is not cheap, the cheapest is $ 2100, but the good 3-D glasses for a customer with whom it is possible to control the depth of 3D content. To discourage the desire to experience multimedia users looking for new products.

Analysts say that despite the limited other attractive models 3D-acceptance is to be expected, even with people who are already looking for the latest hardware. The high price and a very limited amount of 3D content, consumer confidence weakens.

New Age or just a "Ficsor"?

The SONY VGP-BPL13 laptop manufacturers try to sell the 3D technology as a management PC, with a whole new way, a new era - said Roger Kay, president of consultancy Endpoint Technologies Associates. But players are not interested because they are usually the first to receive the latest hardware for a richer experience. "Others will wait for enough interesting content is not available for them" - said Kay.

John Jacobs, researchers at DisplaySearch notebook market realized that they felt that the smaller models to screen size, even a player that interests you, then. - "If the goal is to be able to play more in the world of sight, then the largest screen possible for you" want to buy - says Jacobs.

Without Reeves, laptops SONY VGP-BPS13 and PCs in the sale of Falcon Northwest CEO, said he did not leglelkesebbeknek who want the latest version. Reeves is no significant additional costs associated with a 3D view, as a buyer willing to pay a problem laptopert passionate. Falcon Northwest is demanding goal, the cheapest laptop costs $ 1500 model, the performance of powerful desktop for $ 4,000 to avoid.

Reeves is a very optimistic attitude towards clients - "Even if you do not use very often, I do not see why anyone would not want 3D capabilities, such as games or enjoy the movie These are the serious buyers that the láncostul portable clock. Away. "

Detroit theater enthusiasts - slow diffusion

A big fan, Amanda Farouge about $ 1000 for the price seems reasonable for a label 3D display. Usually MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) game and have fun shooting, is convinced that 3D interactivity for the game "I think the 3D depth to the game, was especially FPS (First Person Shooter) and the action-adventure genre intact, "- said Farouge, the publisher of the game and play areas webdizajner web pages.

For now, however, the widespread adoption of 3D display - there are only limited data from DisplaySearch - including monitors and laptops. The research firm predicts that the market this year has sold 179,000 units are expected to reach 217.8 million, while a standard (non 3D) SONY VGP-BPS8 laptop screens are then sold. Sales of notebook 3D 2011 will be achieved by a number of pieces, 611,000 in 2012, but 1.7 million is expected, which is still a small and then the whole market.

Analysts said companies will palettajukon 3D models yet, but would be the 3D content consumers to produce much more expensive. Even the players are not all by new technologies, gamers and game designers Gina trains affected, to wait, for example, to buy a laptop HP 484170-001  in 3D ", while a good support is added, and have as many toy manufacturers and media companies behind us being fed. "Gina trains role elmelyedos friendly and affectionate, and his interest in the people he meets an attractive 3D game. Others are not as essential for stereoscopic vision.

Games and films

For the studies and content providers such as ESPN, you see the profit potential in 3D, but is still in film and television, embraced the idea of ​​theater. The game shows at E3, recent reports that focus the 3D game development on consoles. Nintendo introduced the 3DS is a portable gaming device around, while Sony has a 3D game for the PlayStation 3

Some SONY VGP-BPS13/Q PC game developers have also announced new games. The Crytek promised that the PC version of Crysis 2 will be available in 3D, EA will be displayed. It is true that the kit manufacturer Nvidia, the property can be said that we have around 100 + games.

PC maker in the film industry to adapt are interested, are designed laptops to be used for playback of 3D movies. The NVIDIA G53 offers to play G73JW Asus and Toshiba Dynabook TX/98MBL Blu-ray 3D Album. The new Lenovo IdeaPad Y560d is another technology that can play Blu-ray 3D, but is capable of 2D content can be converted terhatasuva films.

Samsung says the online game 3D films are shown in the last quarter of the year, and YouTube have begun experimenting with 3D content. SONY VGP-BPS10 NVIDIA 3D video streaming of live product demonstration at the Microsoft Silverlight technology in video player. Most people experience with both platforms, and will likely be used for stereoscopic viewing.

Compatibility and bandwidth

Offer the cheaper, the Dell Studio 1537 Battery customer satisfaction is one of the more 3D TVs, said Stephen Baker, an analyst at NPD Group, the industry leader. To monitor (Panasonic 3D cinema in our review here), a TV at the same time more people, while the laptop is simply a 3D experience. "We do not expect many people to see 3D movies on a laptop" - says Baker.

Analysts point out that the transfer of 3D quality of the contents in a bandwidth greater than normal. This could limit the 3D movies and 3D games on-line options of the transmission line for the house. It is also not accelerate the spread of the purposes to serve termozizas. Not only annoying, but - at least at the hardware level - the compatibility of all that, RealD Xpand and NVIDIA differently structured active and passive polarized SONY VGP-BPS22 glasses LCD screen that can be used in any TV. (Note that the 3D Full HD Blu-ray and a variety of hardware implementations of today there is a conflict is to play the system all the albums in 3D Blu-ray.) If, then, is a manufacturer of consumer electronics and technology for is selected, no additional leave, it will be received, but also agree, for something, because the chance to play the movie.

In any case, we need somewhere in the Middle 3D models start of the new notebooks, all good ways to improve the knowledge about technologies, but also a variety of contents are distributed in preparation.


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