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The first prototype electric vehicles with Volt extended range was presented at the Detroit Motor Show in early 2007 by Chevrolet. Two years later, Opel presented the certified copy of the Geneva Motor Show, the ampere. And at the end of 2011, the United States and GM's European subsidiaries offer some of their Dell A3582339 Battery concessions from France in their E-REV (Extended Range Electric Vehicles), almost identical. Sold from November 2011, more than 1,500 units in France Ampera end of 2012, which has allocated 10,000 of GM's European market.

This is an extensive range of electric cars going for a car to get anywhere and anytime, without the stress, the risk of failure and time to load a pure EV (Electric Vehicle) want. This, very briefly, the car is equipped with a small gasoline generator to Dell Inspiron 5100 Battery power the electric motor. This is the answer to Chevrolet and Opel, the problem of limited range of electric vehicles. Versatile wireless and acceptable, the Ampera can, without the limitations of a single car family size.

In short, it is completely clean and economical, if you're driving in electric only mode, and can do 40 to 80 miles depending on conditions (weather, driving style, traffic and topography of the course), which statistically 80% daily trips made by European riders. Once the Asus Eee PC 1005hab battery capacity of lithium-ion battery discharge (16 kWh stored in cells 288 and weighs 198 kg), the Ampera stay sober "surprising" Opel to launch its "range extender" engine combustion, traveling nearly 500 km ( on average). What we're trying to prove.

The exterior design of the Ampera the Volt is not really different, with the exception of the boomerang-shaped headlights, integrated fog lights come in their midst. The vehicle has a low profile with less than 1.44 m in height, looks very clean and streamlined.

The Ampera not offer the space of five-door compact sedan large (4.50 m long), but rather a small and compact. It usually takes place in the large fuel tank capacity battery,Dell Inspiron 2650 Battery, two electric motors to allow for thermal generators, etc.. As a test, only four places, certainly worthy and safe, as only 310 liters when the category average of about 375 liters.

The interior is cozy, with visible effort furniture leather in two tones, integrated gear, dual screens with touch screen audio and navigation system for our high version of "Cosmo Pack", but some details (some plastics, cache simple material luggage ...) denote a little 'inside connected. Some also show defects in the Dell Inspiron 1721 Battery production of assembly in the United States are made.

Finally, a VE can be used without restrictions

The heart of the amplifier is an electric motor of 111 kW/150 hp, 16-kWh battery,Dell Latitude X300 Battery, a generator combustion gas engine of 1.4 liters of 63 kW/86 hp electric motor-generator and a 54 kW / 72 CV. All that is transmitted by electronic power and torque to the front wheels through a team of planetary resources (such as a crown, a warming planet and IV) act automatic transmission (to make it easier!) Runs a report and, if necessary .

This mode of transmission of the 4-Ampera relationship more than a full hybrid (DERI hybrid and parallel) and make a total of three claws to improve performance and driveability. The transmission system is such that even in pure electric mode, which can be designed to provide full acceleration and top speed. The generator can produce enough extra energy, in theory, to achieve the same performance, even with a dead battery. The engine and generator to start automatically when the Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 Battery charge to reach its minimum.

Such as performance, top speed is electronically limited (not verified this first trial in the country of Holland) to 161 miles per hour limit. For several reasons. First order does not drain the batteries(Dell Precision M4500 Battery) too quickly to maintain acceptable performance according to the transmission and eventually be accessible when the 1.4 liters of 63 kW/86 hp is the most important factor for the development of amplifiers. In other words, avoid this limitation of the V max of motors and generators, large temporary shoulder. Receive, without the noise of a CVT-presses in agony, as the vehicle acceleration is suited for family use, apparently, the Dell XPS M2010 Battery itself, but I really do not feel 150 hp and 370 nm is under the hood (it 's electric traction motors). This may be due to the automatic transmission and, particularly important with an unladen weight, the message says Ampera scales to over 1700 pounds, more than three pounds of 58 compact sedans. The acceleration is actually correct, rather an example of the Insignia 2.0 CDTI 160 hp automatic transmission (9.1 to 9.6 seconds from 0 to 100 mph and 9.4 seconds. For us, with two people on board).

If Ampera Dell Studio 15 Battery describes the car fun to drive, it is easy to argue that it's almost more relaxing and less sad than the raw power of this kind Leaf Nissan, and like most hybrids, the Toyota Prius. The situation of the street is these qualities, healthy and easy to use, without interfering with the weight of the car is not evasive maneuvers. Despite a reassuring brake pedal assault, lack of transparency in normal use, the dose, but not for Dell Vostro A860 Battery energy recovery. Small apartment beyond the address of underdevelopment, the need to be very focused on the wheel and / or micro-adjustments at high speeds. As for the suspension comfort, not out of the ordinary.


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