The dangers of exposure to wireless technologies

Our exposure to electromagnetic fields in mobile (mobile phone masts, WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.). This was a lot of concerns that the combination of Robin ceilings complaint on the basis of knowledge through seminars, the speakers are physicians and scientists. He decided to launch an information campaign about the dangers of drastic market launch of the club also focuses on the lack of accountability of governments and private operators to ignore the destructive effects of frequencies shown by these new SONY VAIO VGN-FZ140E Battery technologies.

The Microwave Syndrome

Our body, wonderful small electrical machine is determined by the natural electromagnetic signals that feed the muscle, nervous system, heart and brain. However, these SONY VAIO VGN-FW21E Battery signs are in resonance with an artificial micro-currents of very low intensity in wireless technologies, our senses must not be interpreted in terms of struggle, much less obstruct the proper functioning of our body. According to the World Health Organization, swam in a continuous radio frequency damaging fields, without even realizing it.

Many scientific reports have provided compelling evidence of the damage caused by exposure to radiation on human health are available: DNA damage, interfere imunitaire and nervous system, increased stress, the development ofSONY VAIO VGN-FZ280E Battery cancers such as leukemia or cancers of the brain, the acceleration of Alzheimer's disease, behavioral problems, skin diseases, reproductive, psychological, etc.. And the list goes on ...

The report BioInitiative European Environment Agency and validated by the European Parliament in 2008 brought the sad misfortune, scientific discoveries about the health effects of mobile phones.

The speech is inconceivable to imagine a distribution of these technologies if they were dangerous, not so good, especially because the phone is no longer covered by insurance since 2000 in the world ... It 'strange, remember the story of asbestos.

If you do not listen to the government and industry, which is all of us to behave responsibly, how to use these technologies, which are totally dependent.

Here are some tips from organizations that fight for the safety of people exposed to wireless technologies:

Mobile phones in the house, such as DECT (1) spread to high frequencies is communication, it is better to opt for the fixed line long ago.

For mobile phones, we must focus on a device SONY VAIO VGN-FZ battery with a SAR (2) as low as possible (less than 0.5W/kg) and avoid using the headset cable that transmits the signal in the same cave ear to the brain. Close any case, most of the conversations brief and avoid public transport and car reduces exposure to radiation more.

WiFi high-frequency units, and between the computer and cable internet. The ideal is to pack the box with fabric anti-high-frequency radiation should be sufficient.

Recently the press reported that the state is in this summer, a competition for licensing mobile-Internet 4G (fourth-generation mobile standard). These juicy lead € 2.5 billion, in order to understand his enthusiasm. Néanmois seems less logical is the total absence of impact assessments and know-how to promote these new SONY VAIO VGN-FZ35 Battery technologies.

Given this gross negligence, organizations are in an action plan to mobilize members of the Council of Europe.

First, the implementation of awareness campaigns on the risks of adverse health and the environment a priority by developing a close relationship with the ministries of environment and education, the dissemination of information on the project by teachers, parents and children - are particularly sensitive to exposure to microwave -.

The SONY VAIO VGN-FZ240E Battery need for a threshold level for the prevention of exposure to microwave no later than 0.6 volts per meter is also set an emergency situation and a stimulus to the actual work of research and development of telecommunication technologies in I'm still a neutral effect on our environment on the basis of, or at least compatible with it. This was the idea of ​​a property tax can exceed the thresholds proposed care, thus contributing to an increase in public research funds.

On the other hand, it seems obvious is not necessarily for the operators: each unit contains a detailed risk assessment experience to pre-market and a written simply, the presence of microwave emissions and the SONY VAIO VGN-CR72B/W Battery power of the device should be mandatory.

It is also considered, shall define the electro EHS (electromagnetic susceptibility) syndrome, intolerance to electromagnetic fields and the creation of "white space" is essential to avoid them if they live at home or caulking emmitouffles special clothing from head to toe want. As Robin explains the association of the ceilings, "it is important that 20% of the French region of potential sources of microwave SONY VAIO VGN-CR31S/D Battery radiation, otherwise it is impossible to prove scientifically the origin of the possibilities and the health problems of these new media technologies."

The situation is alarming and will be a real public health problem, if warnings are not taken seriously, or if the interests of industry dates back before the health of the population. To keep Compaq Presario CQ62 Battery no technophobe, it is essential that the fundamental principle of democracy, it is still possible, even for our own good, and act for the next generation.

The child: the first victim of electromagnetic radiation

As mentioned many times the innocent are the first victims of our mistakes. Electromagnetic pollution on children has been demonstrated by several studies, including the United States. Some show a link between autism and exposure to wireless technologies since the late '90s, a period that coincides with the explosion of mobile telephony and the use of Wi-Fi. "Electromagnetic radiation, it seems that heavy metals HP Pavilion DV4 battery into the trap of the cell, reducing its elimination and accelerates the onset of symptoms. An increase of this magnitude can not be a factor of the main results of this environment to provide a method of mechanical explanation satisfied the relationship between autism and wireless technology. "(3)

Scientists believe that children exposed in the vicinity of power lines are also prone to emotional problems, hyperactivity, or appearing at the time of enrollment, the more serious HP Pavilion DV7 battery problems if the mother has had a bad cell phone use during pregnancy. And in fact, through the radiation pulse power is such that penetrate the walls and therefore more easily in the human body.

It 'also important that the fetuses of non-ionizing radiation (propagation of high frequency electric fields are not of natural origin) from other devices, such as induction product HP Pavilion DV6 battery to protect the fetus and have an exposure to electromagnetic waves of much higher level when the mother has the maximum allowable exposure time.

The facts are well represented. Our dependence on these technologies is real. But if you can not go back, it's still a way to protect against the devastating effects of radiation. There are enough "brains" of the situation, the development of sustainable technologies, sustainable environment for the survival of the species of plants, animals and long-term rights. Not passive, ignorant and vulnerable to act responsibly and at least for future toshiba pa3465u-1brs battery generations if they are not for us.


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