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A digital world (I)

Consider recent developments in telecommunications through its use by amateur radio operators, Internet users and mobile phone, try to glimpse their future in the longer term. The prospects are indeed truly fascinating and unexpected ... See Toshiba Satellite A100 battery for yourself!

Today, amateur radio is an activity of more than one million fans worldwide practice. More than three million copies were distributed in 2004. This activity allows the simple scientific curiosity or for not only the communication of short wavelength, but also to study the properties of the ionosphere, new forms of modulation, experiment with new antennas and Toshiba PA3285U-3BRS battery electronic assemblies to be invented.

For over 100 years (see the history of radio amateur on this page) amateur radio is a source of a variety of interests and led to several important discoveries, including of course the short-wave communications and the ionosphere. How far this activity can lead us in the long run?

Today, HP Pavilion DV5 battery none of the major companies involved in the communication are radio frequency (microwave short-wave) is able to imagine the future of telecommunications. The technology associated with this medium at a pace so fast in so many different directions and developed so that it is virtually impossible, its development in a generation ahead. New standards appear to disappear, merge, without waiting for the verdict of the users. Continue to provide under these conditions, the future. One thing is certain. The future of shortwave is tightly coupled with the development of computers, digital communications,Toshiba Satellite A10 battery with the rapid growth of the Internet connected.

The advantage of digital technology lies in a simple treatment of the signal and its insensitivity to disturbances, or is an analog system is very sensitive to the slightest disturbance.

The best evidence of this trend towards "all digital", the exhibition presents the Dayton Hamvention in 2004, the new transceiver Yaesu Vertex FT-DX9000 Toshiba PA3107U-1BRS battery presented below. This transceiver for HF and 6 meters, includes a computer integrated TFT screen and an Internet connection in addition to the traditional I / O (microphone, telegraph key, antenna, serial output, HP, DIN, etc.). The only drawback technology and high performance, is their commitment to the most fortunate among us, without notice, if you sell half your equipmentToshiba PA3399U-1BRS battery because it costs to decide what ... a small car ($ 11,500).

Caught in the Web

Was carried out according to a study by the INSEE in 2004, 70% of French couples with children have computers at home (against 19% in 1998), while the national average was 45%. This proportion is higher in Belgium.

We announced on the Internet? Today in Europe, where almost every second person has a computer Toshiba PA3465U-1BRS battery and where children learn the computer before you know how you fill the internet every day 122 million people, is visited by more than 15 years, about quarter of the population! Internet users connect to it on an average of 16.5 days per month, totaling 24 hours of connection in which they are on the Web pages 2662nd United States, 114 million people connect to it every day.

But all SONY VAIO VGN-AR830E battery users are still stuck in the web. In 2002, approximately 35% of Europeans have Internet access, compared to 44% in Japan and 57% in the United States. According to various statistics, 50.3% of French Internet users to 48.5% of Belgians. This proportion reached 60% in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark and Norway over 86% in Iceland.

- Nation Master World Internet Usage: To see

If you regularly work with this tool, you know how the Internet can affect your behavior and your work and personal activities. But how far can we go to the Internet? And it makes sense and offers sufficient security, when we expand its applications in all areas? Do not we run the risk of "Taken" this big screen? These are some of the key issues that our society will meet in the near future if we do not want to be some inconvenience and side effects from the use of surprise, no ramp. The Internet is not a trivial technology and hide a few teething SONY VAIO VGN-FW350DH battery problems.

Internet media at the same time, network tool

Since I am involved in information technology since the 80's can try, I step back and analyze what happens to the Internet and try to recognize what we want to avoid in the future, if we use the Web to intense.

Internet is a medium like television or magazines. Although some radio and television over the Internet in streaming audio / video (streaming) are, the Internet is primarily a network, the physical connection of computers HP F4809A battery together.

Internet is also an instrument from a mail system, cats and other ways to open the conference rooms for public discussion and a concentration of knowledge bases accessible through the explorer (browser) and search engines. But not everyone appreciated this new tool. It is not just a subjective feeling of prejudice against new technologies, experienced by some people who are not familiar with computers HP Mini 1000 battery, but the fact is that our representation of the combined company.

You first need some basic computer knowledge to a computer and its various applications (office software, e-mail, chat, databases, etc.) to use.

You need to understand a particular culture, what you read or what you are looking for. This "global culture" in the world does not exist, because it's not on TV. Each national body or company must establish its own rules, traditions and HP Pavilion DV5000 battery customs that are different from those practiced in Europe, Africa, Asia, Pacific and North America or South America. Their culture is unique for your home or your lifestyle, it is difficult to find a common interest in a living example of an Internet lover lost island in the Pacific Ocean and an amateur living in the midst of a major capital Europe or the United States to find, HP Pavilion ZT3000 battery for example.

Finally, the Internet is virtually out of control, he is a victim of its success and prey for hackers, viruses, spam, phishing, ... not to mention pornography. The theme of the subject of this article, we will treat separately.

Read: Internet, for better or for worse

Internet: Communications Media

Internet is now in most areas of life, and many amateurs and professionals can not work without it. In the future, Internet users include well established in our clothing and accessories through flexible interfaces connected by short wave.

The expansion of technology "Voice over IP" (VoIP) is certainly one of the most important trends of the Internet. This environment supports both voice and data services, complemented by new services is not currently available on the traditional telephone network. The environment has an improved bandwidth, so that eventually we can simply in-home services such as video conferencing and use of CRM (customer relationship management), integrated voice services and voice mail and Internet connections.HP 416996-131 battery

Already today, a free program like Skype introduced on the right side you communicate for free with other Skype users around the world. You can also use this program to all calls over the Internet with a phone number for fixed or mobile worldwide for the price of one. Local or substantially all (normally € 0017 € 0.2 per minute for some countries) an average of over 2 million HP Pavilion DV2000 battery users are now permanently connected to the service.

For its part, Microsoft has a solution for years, "MSN Messenger", free calls, text or audio / video with a different user to the MSN client, and can have a webcam with microphone can be installed.

After eating, these tools and found the difference to his phone bill, you can not do without.

In many Western countries, the Internet have cable TV at a price much lower than that of the telephone connection. Personally, I use a satellite connection. These high-tech is completely transparent to the end Asus Eee PC 1005H battery user.

Soon, at your request, you can download to your hard drive favorite local films and radio, using similar technology DivX, MPEG and streaming, and you will be spent only for the actual time watching television credited. This principle is already in force on some TV channels by satellite.

Today, the latest models of computers HP Pavilion ZD7000 come with a TV tuner card and you will soon be transferred easily, data, images, sounds and video from one format to another (eg from the Internet on TV, TV, DVD, DivX, Video camera to the computer, mobile phone to PC, TV or mobile for any other combination).

Test broadband power network (PLC or BPL in English) also suggest that new applications will be available soon through our easy sale. Is it? Not for everyone.

To date, all the justifications courts telecommunications provider, this new type of data have to be checked. But they noted that these tests are available regardless of the rights of the community of ham or other radio spectrum users. The supreme body only HP Pavilion DV9000 battery requires providers "to find a solution" to avoid interference on the HF bands. But so far not reached the interference with the activity levels of amateur radio and other services, including some AM stations. The PLC signal is 28 mV (a signal with an intensity of about S-8) in the amateur bands and broadcast at a radio link is already a signal of only 0.12 mV, or S-1, when the appropriate Dell Inspiron 1525 battery signal very little has been established.

Thus, a United States after an outbreak studies in almost all states had some sellers to back down before the complaints of individuals because of their incompetence filed to reduce interference.

However, attempts to stay elsewhere, including in many European countries, including France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg to the chagrin of amateur radio and radio stations. The European authorities have this technology, called "Powerline", hoping that soon a Dell Inspiron 5100 battery solution to this problem that all parties are satisfied.

This demonstration of high technology is impressive, even for a lover.

Overall, it is likely that the field of telecommunications, we are offered in the future through the Internet is amazing and hopefully useful to the community that we may be routine tasks as a mouse click or a button to perform a touch screen.

In short, the future of SONY VGP-BPS9A/B battery information technology at the same time a border full of surprises, but unknown and uncertain. I do not want to scare you, it reflects a reality of our post-modern global village. Hope that the future make us smile and always fantastic!


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