Radioactivity: Medical Radiation contamination and accidental

We sometimes read in the writings of authors generally unaware of the problems of radiation protection that the radioactivity induced by simple medical imaging, radiation doses well above those induced SONY VGN-FW21E Battery may cross one or the other major nuclear accident .

It turns out that this comparison is risky because it means, usually comparing the radioactive sources "medical" sources and "accidentally", two very different types of radiaoactivite really.

Protection against radiation "ionizing"

This type of Sony VAIO VGN-Z21MN/B battery radiation called "ionizing" because the tissue can ionize electrons from ion-neutral "responsible" electrically extracted. The ionization tends to modify the nuclei of living cells of the human body, which inevitably leads to damage at high doses.

Ionizing radiation is the programming language the most powerful known as "gamma", you are widely used in medical imaging: X-ray radiography simple (gamma) or by injecting a "contrast" radioactive (technetium 99m). The latter radionuclide is very interesting because it uses the wavelength of X-rays, while providing a period of reduced half-life (approximately 6 hours), removing 95% of the product SONY VAIO VGN-FZ21M Battery within 24 hours.

In addition, the doses injected 99mTc imaging is still limited to a minimum for the patient and taking into account the relationship of the study of the benefits / drawbacks, the "turning point" always needs to get the benefit of patients.

The radiation generated by the nuclear industry

They are created by the spread of radioactive elements called "fission products" that are generated in nuclear reactors as a result of the disintegration of the fuel rods (uranium or mixed uranium-plutonium). The amount of ionizing radiation in these reactions are very important, much higher than in medicine, and are basically "trapped" available through the various radiological barriers SONY VAIO VGN-FZ140E Battery to mitigate the maximum variation of the natural environment (air, water).

Thus, the water in the reactors or fuel storage pools, it stops much of the radioactive emissions and simultaneously the operation of cooling and power generation turbines. It is also necessary that the water level covers the entire nuclear fuel. The most serious accidents occur when, for one reason or another, the HP Probook 4710S battery beams are considered more or less long.

The accident in Fukushima in 5 lines

Fukushima's what happens March 11. The loss extended the Acer Aspire 4710 Battery power system primary and backup systems resulted in the shutdown reactor cooling, resulting in a few hours / days of the loss of radioactive barriers and spread large amounts of radiaoctivité in the air and water.

Long-term radioactive and in large quantities

Radionuclides released during the accident, are numerous and the estimated half-life is more important than 6 hours of technetium. Iodine-131 loses half its radioactivity in eight days while the cesium-137 showed a long half-life of 30 and cesium 135, also produced in large quantities in an accident, Acer TravelMate 4000 Battery have lost half their radiaoctivite later. .. 3 million years.

The amount of radionuclides in the air and water as a result of an accident is released phenomenal WHO estimates that a Chernobyl accident led to the 240,000 liquidators identified an average dose of more than 100 mSv, corresponding to approximately 1000 chest radiographs, displaced populations (400,000 people), the HP Pavilion DV1000 battery effect was on average 33 to 50 mSv corresponds to 330-500 chest radiographs.

The problem of radioactive contamination

Finally, it should be noted that in cases of radiological emergency simple example we only irradiation by ionizing particles to speak, are discussed above. In the case of an accident with significant releases of radionuclides into the air and / or water, radiation "simple" problems that may be contaminated with Sony VGP-BPS5 Battery radioactive dust contaminated the human body during inhalation or ingestion of water or food can be complicated.

However, a radioactive particle will not have the same effect if it is the natural barriers, directly into the body where they radiate from within as it were, and n is its impact in direct contact with the various organs of the body " which should be multiplied. When the irradiation is washing and brushing the body in general to get rid of most or all of the dirt particles. If these particles have entered the body, they stay their Sony VGP-BPS2 Battery course, despite all brush and wash "from outside".

High doses of fraud "borders"

If it's like a big nuclear accident in Japan, the dose limits, who can say absolutely reassuring factors were identified by 10 to 20 This clearly shows the inability of authorities to the problem of radioactivity after the accident other that the "fraud" on the relative security that somehow an adjustment variable for the first time much more efficient and less expensive to solve! Most populous country of Japan and a small living room, hp b2000 battery has no alternative except to remove the "normal" conditions of radioactivity is an important part of the country.

In recent years, it is likely that the health consequences of this option is unfortunately very seriously must also remember that the laptop battery accident was not yet in Fukushima, the site is still spewing large doses of radiaoctivité loans - even if they tend to decrease - and that the main problem of the liquid fuel is not well addressed by the authorities.

There are no photos of the "Radio" and the accident

To summarize: on one side (medicine) has a positive (diagnosis), radiation controlled low doses and reduced half-time, on the other side (nuclear industry) irradiation significant and often uncontrolled radionuclide half-life is extremely long and Acer Aspire One Battery can carry more internal contamination very seriously, it would not be appropriate for the final mix of these two problems, if we dare claim to be totally objective?


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