Remote control of all human by electromagnetic induction

To see the study of algorithms, with which all human brain functions as a central theme in modern neuroscience. Although individual differences be expected, most of the variance of each measure neurobehavioral accommodate specific configurations, it should be information and basic structures in the brain. You will have to be determined by the human genome,HP 437403-361 ie, they are species-specific and should help to serve or a substrate on which all phenomena that affect the neurological measures are superimposed.

A logical extension of a physical database in neuroscience of consciousness is that all experiences must exist as correlates of complex sequences of electromagnetic matrices, but HP Pavilion DV9700/CT determined. You control the problem of design cognition and emotion while innumerable sets of possible combinations of random variations of "noise" in these matrices could distinguish between individual brains. The identification of these sequences can also be connected direct access to the most complex neurocognitive processes with self-esteem, human consciousness and global representations of experience (episodic memory) that defines the individual in his brain ( Squire, 1987).

The existence of basic standards in all human brains, which may have a similar physical stimuli is not a new concept. It is open daily from similar changes in the qualitative characteristics,HP 434674-001 which are caused by psychotropic drugs demonstrated. Classes of chemical structures, classified as antidepressants, antipsychotics, anxiolytics, or compounds, general downturn in mood, thinking, extremely eccentric or extreme vigilance. The characteristics of these changes are very similar to millions of human brains, regardless of their cultural history or genetics. Unique experiences such as thoughts and images that reflect the continuous process of specific adaptation of the individual are superimposed on these general characteristics. When translated into the language of the neuroelectrical region should incorporate the unique elements of individual consciousness,HP 506066-721 and both interact with the invariant patterns of the species.

We have the phenomenological consequences of exposure to electromagnetic fields have been studied with the complex temporal profiles derived structures neuroelectrical recently observed sequences of potentiation, such as HP Pavilion DV5 discharge or long term (Brown, Chapman, Kairiss, Keenan, 1988) which can be considered as a basis for an important aspect of the prototypical brain activity. The temporal structure of potential codes, access and influence neuronal aggregates were created in both hemispheres (in the regions or lobes tempoparietaux in the field of complex hippocampaire-amygdala) in the brain with low electromagnetic fields intensities are generally less than 10 milli Gauss (1 micro-tesla). The purpose of this study, HP Pavilion DV3000 which was proposed by John ER (1967) and summer Hoff (1974), the basic rules of the representation of languages ​​in the brain humain1 identify.

In the tradition of Johannes Mueller, we assumed that the transduction of stimuli by the detectors are connected to potential graduates, HP Pavilion DV5000 and the subsequent translation into digital signals of action potentials (which are probably functionally behave as a composition of pixels in neuronal fields) can be bypassed by direct introduction of this information in the cerveau2. The induction of complex information is the simulation of resonance structures that would normally occur temporarily by sensory inputs. The basic idea is that synthetic duplication correlates neuroelectrical be generated by the sensors of a real stimulus to produce identical experiences without the presence of the stimulus.HP Pavilion ZT3000

-We focused on the parties and the polymodal cortex of the instability parahyppocampal (Van Hoesen, 1982) and entorhinal (Vinagradova, 1975) and the anterior superior temporal gyrus cortex (Bancaud, Brunet-Bourgain, Chauvel, Halgren, 1994) that in regions where the convolution is the most probable. The extraction and translation of the neural signals of different sensory impressions into common HP Pavilion DV9500 codes occur in these areas before they are consciously perceived (Edelman, 1989). The presence of the kernel code has been demonstrated by John ER (1967, p. 348-349), said that the immediate transfer of control in response to an auditory stimulus in a dynamic visual stimulus exciting at the same time form the stimulus (acoustic) before.

We (Fleming, Persinger, Koren, 1994) reported that exposure of rats to whole brain bubbling magnetic field [fire broke out] of 5 microT for a second, every 4 seconds known as an analgesic response that HP Pavilion DV6-1005EA was triggered by the use of tactile stimulation more harmful than a second every 4 seconds directly on platelets. Direct electrical stimulation of the structures of members, which may cause episodic systemic application of muscarinic agents (cholinergic) simulates an electrical response (Cain, 1989). More recently showed direct induction of chaotic sequences electrical instability in the region CA1 of the hippocampus, an increase or reduction of paroxysmal discharges (Schiff, Jerger, Duong, Chang, Spano, idem, 1994).HP Pavilion DV6-1005EZ

These results strongly suggest that the imitation of the temporal structure of sensory transmission directly into the brain changes in non-biogenic stimuli as effective as conventional transduction (and probably less energy) are called. As has been recently and succinctly by John ER (1990) explains the basic operation of the electrical activity of the brain suggests that some form of coding Frequence3 could play an important role in electronic transactions within and between different brain structures play. Consciousness is an invariant configuration electromagnetic properties of a neural aggregate statistics that are associated independently produced by the cells contributing to each HP Pavilion DV6-1008TX function (John, 1990, p. 53).

Above this level mimimaux, the information content of the structure of the wave is essential. The simplest analogy would be to respond to a complex network of neurons, that man, the sound energy. If a single tone of 1000 Hz (sine wave) is introduced, the intensity was necessary to get a response significantly greater than 90 dB in this case the answer would be clear and avoid being rude. However, if the HP Pavilion DV6-1009EL structure of the sound field has been modified to form the complex, which is equivalent to the biologically relevant information such as "Help me produce, I will die," form below to be several orders of magnitude (for eg 30 dB) may be sufficient. The stimulus that this brief but informative evoke a response that can cover all major cognitive domains. Would "depend on the intensity," as HP Pavilion DV6-1010EA support for the testing of hypotheses biomagnetic side effects of interaction as well as artifacts to be: If the answer is in the information structure of the magnetic field is an important source of neurological effects, then. These subtle reinforcement of electromagnetic forces could and the intensity of the subharmonic , wrinkles and temporal anomalies and very nearly always ignored or are superimposed on the primary frequency. These subtle changes may be artifacts in the various circuits and electronic components, the similarities are on the loyalty of the end point (primary rate), despite the different geometries HP Pavilion DV6-1010ED used, found to produce the base end.

If the information rather than the intensity of interaction with the network of neurons (Jahn and Dunne, 1987) is important, then these forms of "background" is not specified, the source for both the experimental effects and failures of replication between laboratories. A concrete example of this HP Pavilion DV6-1013EA problem is to calculate the relationship between exposure to electromagnetic fields (60 Hz) and some forms of cancer. The existence of these transient effects, which are often superimposed on the fundamental frequency of 60 Hz is still enter at least induce a factor in the attempt, field properties, aberrant mitosis (Wilson, Stevens, Anderson, 1990).

Over the last five years, several researchers reported that the direct and important can be induced on specific neurological structures with extremely weak magnetic fields whose intensities in the range of geomagnetic activity. Sandyk (1992) was a significant change in multifocal HP Pavilion DV6-1018EL subjects such as patients at risk for their neurobiological disorders that are short-term exposure to magnetic fields whose strength between PT and NT, but the space of (? ?) and developed to diagnose detect the introduction of very heterogeneous configurations in a very limited area of ​​the brain. Effective components in the field (which, however, has taken form in discrete time are due to the modulation frequency and intensity of electromagnetic fields) are not always obvious, but the benefits for these amplitudes are similar to the signals associated ( generated globally by radio systems and communication), HP Pavilion DV6-1020EC are constantly exposed to most people.

The process by which the most economical of all human brains could be affected (1) require dipping into the same environment would be approximately six billion brains of the human species, or (2) coercive interactions, because the sensitivity a very narrow band in each brain. For the first Dell Inspiron 1525 option that meets the fields or the stationary component "permanent" in the criteria of the Earth's magnetic field. The possibility that the masses of people could probably during the essential conditions of extremely low volatility (less than 1%) of the stationary amplitude (50 000 nT, 50 microT) of the magnetic field of the earth is so controlled that during storms geomagnetic (50-500 nT) has been discussed elsewhere (Persinger, 1983). Recent experimental data have a level of geomagnetic HP Pavilion DV6-1020EI activity of about 20 nT to 30 nT for the observation of experiments on the human vestibular and facilitation of limbic seizures in rodents is shown in accordance with this hypothesis.

The potential for the creation of an aggregated process has characteristics such as shape, means that the brain was maintained in the range of the generating unit also developed (and Mafreniere Persinger, 1977) and has been described as "geopsyché "reflects. This would be comparable to the vector properties of an electromagnetic HP Pavilion DV6-1020EJ field induced by the current trigger for the billions of elements such as cables in a relatively small volume compared with the source included. These figures, as the tables tend to have impact on the elements that contribute to the matrix (Freeman, 1990).

The second option would be to allow access to a very narrow limits of the physical brain, in which all inmates for awareness and self-experience. This HP Pavilion ZD7000 battery factor would be concentrated by varying the temperature of the brain. Although the relationship between the absolute temperature and wavelength is generally clear [an example that can be described by Wien's law and documented in astrophysics (Wyatt, 1965)], their impact on access to the activity brain have not been studied. Neuro-cognitive processes that maintain the awareness and fragile sense of self-determination between 308 K and 312 K (35 ° C and 39 ° C). The fundamental wavelength of this HP Pavilion DV8000 battery program is about 10 microns, which is in the range of wavelength of the far infrared.

But the report of the interval divided by the absolute temperature of the normal activity of the brain, neuro-cognitive processes is only 0.013 or 1.3% to keep. If there is a sub-harmonic structure in the magnetic fields generated natural technique and reflects this relationship, then all the heads, which are temperature-band, HP Pavilion DV6-1020EL can be affected by the harmonic. For example, if one of these electromagnetic frequencies subharmonics 11.3 Hz, changes of only 1.3%, mean 11.3 Hz + / - 0.13 Hz would theoretically be sufficient to influence the functioning of all normal brains. If the "carrier frequency" contains any biologically relevant HP Pavilion DV6-1020EQ information is modulated to carry this information, then the intensity can also be the effective range of the cosmic background radiation (in the order of a few microwatts / cm) and can be hidden as a component of the electromagnetic interference with chaotic energy production and use connected.

One of the prophylactic effects of direct uses of these areas may require changes in core temperature (brain) and a reversible deep hypothermia. However, this HP Pavilion DV6-1022EL condition would interfere with the biochemical processes underlying neuronal activity and therefore of consciousness. Treatments, changes in neuronal activity, similar to those associated with hypothermia rough, rainfall would be less disrupted. Specific candidates may affect multiple receptors such clozépine (Clozaril) and acepromazine are possible pharmacological interventions.

The properties of the algorithm for euthermiques individuals are probably significant (once isolated), must now, however,HP Pavilion DV6-1023EF  has changed in the synchronous activity (1) and (filtered through aggregates of neurons and (2) modulated by the input sensory and intrinsic oscillations has been removed that Kepler, Marder, Abbott, 1990), measured before they unceremoniously by electrodes. Since the basic algorithm essentially parameter must be a stable body temperature (eg, including monopolar brain. Ears) most of the electrode HP Pavilion DV6-1025EI assemblies to deny or minimize this index. In fact, the algorithm in a manner similar to the descriptors for other physical phenomena as an aggregate constant or a limited number of such constants are expressed. This proposal is commensurate with the observation that the underlying neural networks that coordinate the millions of neurons, the properties (mathematics) a strange attractor with a very limited number of degrees of freedom (Lopes da Silva, Kamphuis, HP Pavilion DV6-1025EF Van Neerven, Pijn , 1990) show.

Physical and chemical evidence of a fundamental process that has accumulated by a thin line leading biological temperature. Stationary electromagnetic HP Pavilion DV6-1027EF oscillatory fluctuations were in vitro for the enzymes of the pathway shown glycocitique (Higgins, Frenkel, Hulme, Lucas, Rangazas, 1973), whose narrow temperature sensitivity (about 37 ° C) is well known. Although these oscillations are often times (cycles of 2.5 min) were measured, Rueger (1973) reported a significant temperature dependence of these oscillations in a band of 1-20 Hz and 20 ° C 35 ° C in the muscles of invertebrates.

The most likely source of the brain that could serve as a primary modulator of these oscillations should include biochemical structures in the thalamus (Steriade and Deschenes, 1984). Neural units with a surprising stability of oscillations (0.1 Hz in the neighborhood) HP Pavilion DV6-1030ED can be found in this structure and depend mainly on neurons, gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA need (von Krosigk, Bal, McCormick, 1993). This is of particular amino acid inhibitor of the normal distribution, temperature-sensitive derivative of glucose through the GABA (Delorey and Oslen, 1994).

Over the last two Asus EEE PC 904 decades (Persinger, Ludwig, Ossenkopp, 1973) has a potential that was unlikely but possible now slightly. This potential is the technical capacity to directly influence the majority of the approximately six billion brains of the human species without the mediation of classical sensory modalities by generating neural information processing in the physical environment where all members of the species are immersed. The historical emergence of such possibilities, the powder to atomic fission, HP Pavilion DV9000 battery which in large changes in social development that has occurred so quickly led to the application. Reduce the risk of inappropriate application of these technologies requires an open and ongoing discussion in the scientific community and the public about the realistic feasibility and implications.


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