Internet, for better or for worse

As we have explained in another article, is the 21st century, no doubt, that of telecommunications.

The Web, the Web, the Internet, the Internet are magic words in the era of time that the information highway on a huge open space of freedom of expression, multicultural and multilingual. In recent years, the Internet has become a media accessible to all and virtually inescapable. Because access is free and has advised the contents virtually out of control, there are better or worse. Let's see Acer Aspire One Battery what are the possible uses we make of the Internet and, more generally, products of information technology.

Internet traffic

Set your computer to a 4 year old and he loves it with the mouse or trying to paint to write with the keyboard. Soon it will be able to write their names. This can be a passion for over 10 years, and sometimes an addiction when he is old.

Encouraged in its wake by parents convinced that the computer is to guarantee academic success, it is not surprising in these circumstances that the child sees their computer as an attachment to his brain.

A study conducted by INSEE in 2004, 70% Acer Aspire 4710 Battery of French couples with children have computers at home (against 19% in 1998), while the national average is 45%. This proportion is higher in Belgium.

The majority of PC users with less than five years, including the purchase price is usually less than € 1000, including the standard screen. Multimedia workstations and laptops are becoming more popular. Users regularly work with the Office suite (including Word and Excel), e-mail and the Internet.

Apple's market is narrower. They are mainly used by publishers who have used art professionals (DTP, graphic designers, photographers, musicians, etc.) and a handful of schools.

Internet access is part of the "package" in fashion as well as flat screen 22 "scanner, inkjet printer ink, or GSM. Today, the Internet is more than a quarter (27% Acer TravelMate 4000 Battery) in use worldwide, more than 1.8 billion people.

But all users are still stuck in the web. According to recent statistics, including the mapping of the Belgian media, 70% of Belgians and the French over 15 years with the Internet, France has just over 20% in 3-4 years. This proportion is over 78% in Luxembourg, over 90% in Norway, Greece and Portugal back of the pack come with a little over 40%. It is the young who are most addicted to the Internet and new Acer Aspire 7100 Battery technologies.

It is in Great Britain and the Netherlands on 55 and more active on the Internet. In Belgium, 62% of men use the Internet against 57% of women.

In general, in Europe, where almost one in two (53%)Acer TravelMate 5100 Battery had a computer and where children learn computer before you write, you know, the internet every day 425 million people over 15 years about half of the population visited. This number has doubled in three years! Internet users connect to it on an average of 16.5 days per month, totaling 24 hours of connection in which they are on the Web pages 2662nd United States, 234 million people in contact with him every day or two-thirds of the population. Even here, their Acer Aspire Timeline 3810 Battery number has doubled in three years!

The investigation of the Belgian Media Mapping published August 3, 2007 are the most popular activities by sending e-mails, looking for direction and management of online bank account. To examine 55% of Internet users of their e-mails every day and 37% do so every week.

The most visited Internet site, Microsoft MSN,  Toshiba PA3166U battery which receives about 220 million unique visitors per day, administered, but knowing that there are "hotmail", the largest e-mail worldwide, including 380 million users and "Messenger" The "chat room" also includes the most popular. In the field of social web, one must also mention the inevitable Facebook, which brought together 250 million active members in 2009 and over 400 million in 2010.

On social networks say that there are over 2000. The  growth rate reached 250% per year! No wonder, under these conditions that people have spent time over 82% of these sites between December 2008 and December 2009. EachToshiba PA2487 battery visitor spends an average 5h 35m per month on the social networking site (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Flickr, Badoo, Netlog, Hi5, etc.).

According to ComScore in May 2007, Google was used daily by more than 17.3 million Internet users (536.4 million unique users, representing 12% of the global population over 15 years) followed by the Microsoft Web site, the center received 17000000 visitors a day, and Yahoo with 15.2 million unique visitors per day. Dating site AdultFriendFinder, which we will return, receives 7.2 million Toshiba PA3399 battery visitors a day in search of encounters soft or hard. In the top 10, behind eBay (5), Wikipedia (6) and Amazon (8), we find the first news site, The New York Times that receives 4.1 million visitors a day. Apple comes in 10th place with 3.9 million unique visitors per day. The Dailymotion video sharing sites received 3 million unique visitors a day, right in front of YouTube (owned by Google), which receives 2.9 million visitors a day.

This means that current events can also immigration: in the MRO space mission, as she placed the exploration rovers Spirit and Opportunity on Mars (which has lasted 2004), recorded 11 billion NASA server connections in a few months, just under MSN!

Internet: a Tower of Babel

According to UNESCO, speaking over 2000 languages ​​in the world. But rest assured, it will disappear about 15 each year

However, the American Graduate School of St. Ignatius, Ohio published a list of the main languages ​​spoken in the world. Supplemented by statistics on the Internet, we know that if Mandarin,Toshiba PA3635U-1BAM battery  which is used due to the explosion of the Chinese people, English is the first language of more than 2 billion people in 115 countries discussed, followed French used by 35 countries and 388 million people in 24 countries and the Arab world and 341 million speak. All factors, including economic and taking account of the second language, and they are the ten most spoken languages ​​in the world in descending order: (1) English (2) French, (3) Spanish ( 4) Russia (5) Arabic (6) Mandarin (7) Germany (8) Japanese (9) Portugal (10) Individual / Urdu.

The situation is slightly different on the Internet. Statistics show the 10 languages ​​most commonly used are: (1) in English for 32% of users, (2) Mandarin for 32% of users and growth, (3) Spanish (4), Japanese (5 ) German (6) French, (7) Portugal (8) Korea (9), Italian (10), Arabic. Since 2000, we see growth rates highest for publications in Arabic (940%), Portuguese (525%), Chinese (414%) and French (379%) among others Toshiba PA3176U-1BAS battery.

Internet security

As mentioned in the article on cyber-crime, it is common knowledge that the Internet is the hunting ground for hackers (hackers), and the prey of evil viruses and other forms of spam.

According to a 2007 survey by "InSites Consulting" in conjunction with "Living Tomorrow" (which is an exhibition on automation and offices of the future for 2012) for Belgium and the Netherlands in 2082 aged 18 to 64 years 80% of adults want their computers and the Internet is safer and 4 in 10 are willing to pay for it. One third (33%) of Asus A3Ac battery visitors are retissants when they make purchases online. In particular, we find that to observe the restrictions, particularly in Belgium and the Netherlands (but exposure is also in this region).

In the age group 55-64 years, because they speak mostly avoided. They also avoid to register on certain websites (60%) and an e-mail. In contrast, young adults (18-34 years) more likely than other age groups. "Suspicion" of parents is even greater when it comes to children. This feeling is already in young adults to protect their privacy with 41% of their giving false personal data or more e-mails (62%) as quickly as possible and delete the "cookies" stored on your computer Asus A3E battery.

Although the majority of Internet users are well-intentioned people, because the image is almost off-the-law surrounding Internet, a number of activities are not displayed for security reasons. However, the public to meet demand, while forcing the risk of malicious acts, such as security in the banking sector "PC Banking" exacerbated byAsus V6 battery customers, more than one code to encode the complexity of the protocol with encryption systems data.

Finally, seven in 10 agree that they are personally responsible for the security of your privacy. They believe that the responsibility is also the Internet service provider (60%) and receiving (52%). Only 26% of adults trust in government and believe it plays an important role in this protection.

But look a little further than the French government, and especially do not see the problem from the same perspective and too easily the equal protection and censorship.

Now let's see what the profile of Internet users and the most important activities that the practice on the web.

The young and trendy

A study published August 3, 2007, accounting for the allocation of Belgian media, Belgium, aged between 15 and 24 years 23% of Internet users, while more than 55 years using only 15%.

A study of Mediappro June 12, 2006, with over 9000 young people from nine European countries like France and Belgium, 90% of young Europeans aged 12-18 years, a Asus A9T battery report on the Internet and the use of more 70% mainly for young people communicate with each other, but also for research and pleasure, as discussed below. But their use also depends on the social environment.

Thus, the Asus N10J battery study by INSEE, 16% in France to access the Internet, people living alone, 25% of couples without children and 50% of couples with children. The number of children was also sent to the second daughter of the computer equipment from 63% to 74% for PC and 44% to 55% for Internet access. As single parents, concerned about financial problems, so they are less well equipped than couple families: In 2004, half had a computer at least one third of Internet access.

That is, if young people are using the computer easier, France, 47% of parents are overwhelmed by the information technology and trust of his son. We conclude that these parents do not control what their children should see or at least not to the idea of ​​the symbols of "Mario Bros", for example, to see Dell Inspiron 1525 Battery if this is a game and not give access to a site porn or P2P in disguise.

The chat, the most common practice among young

According to the study of Mediappro are between 12 and 18 years involved with two activities: Visit the sites, especially for school work and communicate with their friends. As adults, almost all young Internet users (94%) with the help of search engines like Google.

Since almost 60% HP Pavilion DV7 battery of young people, with friends, the contact still essential. As a result of knowing "chat room", "Facebook" and other "MySpace" to an obsession. In the minds of young people, a balance between these virtual meeting their need for companionship (as in touch with his friends) in accordance with the expectations of parents (living while respecting the authority of parents). But, as we shall see, they should know that these "chat rooms" are visited by many pedophiles.

HP Pavilion DV8000 battery study by Nielsen NetRatings, in December 2004 were 3.5 million young people aged 12-25 years to stay in touch with MSN Messenger (keyboard or webcam). Additional 1 million young people with competing services (Yahoo Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, etc.). A total of 25% of French youth in this age, to use instant messaging services as an alternative or supplement to the phone or GSM . The reason is simple, free Dell Inspiron 5100 Battery services are included in the package as the Internet.

But in 2006, after Mediappro, almost 60% of Internet users aged between 12 to 18 said that never communicate with strangers, so that a decline in the use of the chat: Only 20% of young people, often elderly often use . The practice of chat, although it can be casual, globally, 40% of 17-18 years and 10% of 12-13 years.

Other activities on the Internet: videos, download and play

Regarding the most common practices, according to sex, age or time of life. Download one of the two said in the study, in 2006 Mediappro often with music and files, but allow very limited knowledge or erroneous legal risks they face.

The boys are twice as likely as girls. A quarter of young people that play network, many more boys than girls, particularly those aged 14-16 years. 45% of young people, more boys than girls say that they are video clips and movie trailers. , 35% do so frequently, Dell Inspiron 6400 Battery compared with only 20% of girls.

According to ComScore, the United States, 75% of U.S. Internet users watch online videos like YouTube.

Finally, we say a quarter of young people have a blog, but for most it is inactive. Return.

GSM, the passion of youth

French youths aged 15 to 24 represent the proportion of the population equipped with GSM, almost reaching a maximum rate of equipment. The focus is naturally on the radio, but it is also the first to use its multimedia capabilities (see below).

In August 2005, after the Social Observatory SWOT phone / TNS Sofres, 94% of 15-17 years had a mobile phone and 95% of 18-24 years. For comparison, all age groups, 72% of French people have a GSM phone and 53% of people over 60 years.

This enthusiasm for GSM affects young people from all social strata and varies little from one social class to another.

According to the study of Mediappro in 2006 young people between 12 and 18 with their mobile phones primarily for sending and receiving SMS (text message). Girls seem particularly active in this area, such as in relation to blogs.

Because SMS to the character (and an accented claims three times more expensive than non-accented) is charged to all users without exception, young people use HP Pavilion DV9500 battery abbreviations when communicating with each other. For example, "KFE or pai ki c mam. T'M g" stands for "Coffee and is the mother who pays. I love you" ... The compression ratio was 53%. The new language has an influence on the spelling of are young people more and more people no longer control their language in written and spoken. Fortunately, the situation in the forums, where many adults take the time, in plain language, the young people encouraged to try write a little HP Pavilion DV8300TX battery spelling improvement.

Young fans of multimedia

When young people say, almost emotional relationship to keep her cell phone, because this device also allows them to use for purposes other than communication. In fact, the latest smartphone actually mobile with more multimedia features and services, such as video players and sometimes Office (Word, Excel, PDF), MP3 player, 3G network access to WAP, Wi-Fi GPS, Dell Latitude D500 Battery etc .. See in particular the success of the iPhone and iPod.

Given these developments, it is interesting to note that asked for the TNS / Sofres, 51% of teachers aged 15 to 17 "all functions" of his cell phone to them to say. Very curious by nature, the only age group in the majority of the speech, while on average 20% of users have the functionality of your device under control. This proportion increases with age, so that the multimedia features Dell Latitude D820 Battery driven by more than 40 years on the board.

It is not surprising that manufacturers are targeting all the enthusiasm of youth for GSM mobile phones and smartphones that all you are: office applications, media player, the NPC, GPS, and even some radio and television In addition to normal network functions.

Young people aged 15 to 17 years are 31% of online sites to visit on the phone, while the average is only 13%. They are also involved in 9% to chat on the phone, while the national average is only 3%.

Finally, young people are the biggest Dell Latitude D620 Battery users of the latest multimedia features (chat rooms, Internet, e-mail) and preloaded features (photos, videos, music, SMS).We can conclude that for young people, GSM more than one way to communicate with friends and it is also an effective means for access to online services.


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